Worxpace is a consulting firm providing spatial design & planning consultancy and related solutions and services. It is constituted of Planning, Management, Design and IT professionals with specific domain expertise in Settlements Planning including Transportation, Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning, Infrastructure Development, Architecture, Project Formulation & Appraisal and GIS & MIS. The group is conceived with the belief that there is a need for amalgamating the knowledge of professionals of diverse specializations by integrating and systematizing their domain expertise through streamlined and standardized processes using IT tools and applications.

WORXPACE Consulting Pvt Ltd is a privately held company in India, has been consulting since 2003 on different urban planning aspects and is a collaborative entity consisting of a team of young, professionally well qualified entrepreneurs.

Worxpace has ties with several specialised agencies and experts and draws the state of the art experience and best practices knowledge from them, whenever required.

Led by

Anupam Vibhuti
B Arch & M Plan (Tpt) : SPA, N Delhi

Nupur Dube
B Plan & M Plan (Tpt) : SPA, N Delhi
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