Development / Master Plans : Preparation of contextual long, medium and short range plans for urban development and management. Determining the context of the area through primary and secondary surveys, analysis and modeling on physical, environmental, social, economic and financial information. Development of case specific structure and development plans, planning guidelines and controls and management measures. Zonal Plans, Town Planning Schemes and Area Planning, Translation and detailing out of policy plans and guidelines into physically and financially executable plans, schemes and projects. Site analysis, Planning and Landscaping
Domain specific Communication outline, Identifying appropriate channel mix for effective communication for a particular domain Communication Design, Conceptualisation, visualization, design and detailed development of offline and online communications User Interface Design, UI design for communication across a range of interactive media devices: mobile, desktop PC, tablet etc. functioning on varied Operating Systems.
Transportation Infrastructure Planning : Planning and Design of Transportation infrastructure and facilities such as terminals, interchanges, etc, including background studies and investigations. Transportation Demand Modeling including traffic surveys and analysis, Estimation, modeling and projection of traffic and travel demand through specifically calibrated and improvised models under the UTPS, Land Use-Transport or Econometric Modeling framework. Analysis of existing information to determine most suited sub models or techniques applicable to the situation before actual modeling exercise is undertaken. Public Transport Route Planning, Routing and Scheduling based on demand, fleet, economic and performance or functional parameters.
Highway Planning and Design : Comprehensive Highway planning and design activities starting from background studies and investigations to detailed planning, design and feasibility. The background studies include traffic & travel surveys, geo-tech and topographic surveys and investigations, environmental and social studies and their analysis. Planning and design include base year and future traffic estimates, highway alignment, generation of digital terrain models, estimation of quantities, costing, EIA, SA, EMP, etc.
Urban Transport Planning : Appreciation of existing problems and establishing base line database, Evolving strategies for Optimum Land Use and Transportation System, Development of Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term Plans, Identification of projects including Mass Transport System and examine their feasibility, Prioritisation of proposed improvements including resource mobilisation options.
Transport Design & Management : Terminal Planning & Design, Road Design, Road Junctions Design and Improvement, Traffic Management Measures and Area Circulation Planning Road Safety Planning & Road Safety Education, Intelligent Systems in Transport and Urban Mobility